Welcome to Blogology!



Blogology is a combination of the words “blog” and “-logy”.
“blog” – a regularly updated website written in an informal or conversational style
“logy” – a study of a subject
And that’s exactly what Blogology is.

My aim with Blogology is to apply all the knowledge I’ve learned throughout my blogging journey to this blog. I want to test my content marketing skills here.

My plan is to share with you everything that comes into blogging. How to start a blog, how to write great blog posts, how to grow the blog, and how to monetize the blog.

Blogology is a project created by a blogging enthusiast. I started this blog to test my blogging knowledge while sharing the journey with you and teaching you what I’ve learned along the way in real-time. I want to try out different tools and strategies, and I plan to share them with you.

In a nutshell, I want to do blogging the right way. Quite a vague and ambitious goal, I know. But bear with me.



If you want to start a blog but have no idea where to begin, and are feeling a bit overwhelmed, I feel you. I’ve started a lot of blogs in the past, so hopefully, I can help you.

If you’re a blogging enthusiast just like me, this blog is for you. As I said, I’m going to be sharing a lot of information about blogging on Blogology. After all, it’s a blog about blogging!

So, if you don’t understand something, or if you have any suggestions, feel free to drop me a message!




I’m Sara and I’m a blogging enthusiast with a creative writing degree from the University of Greenwich in London. Before we go any further, I’d like to make it clear that I’m not a blogging expert.

I started my first ever blog in 2008.

I started my first blog with the intention to make money from it in 2015 called LaVieEstBelleBySV. That blog failed big time.

In 2018, I started SaraViktorie.com, a fashion blog. With the help of Instagram, I was able to finally make money from blogging.

But then, towards the end of 2019, I realized that I don’t care about fashion, and left the blog in early 2020.

After this, I wanted to start a new blog, but I couldn’t find a niche. At last, I decided to go with blogging, although my self-doubts were holding me back from pursuing this niche.

As I said, I’m no blogging expert and I’ve had more mishaps than successes in my blogging journey.

But I’ve been blogging for half of my life, and I feel like it’s a part of my identity at this point.

After leaving my previous blog, I was trying to get a job in a few digital marketing agencies in London, where I was living at the time.

But then, the pandemic happened and I was either refused or told that the recruitment process had to be postponed.

I took it as a sign and started working on Blogology.

So, why did I start Blogology?

1. I want to test my content marketing skills
2. I want to approach this as a project where I’m testing different growth strategies while blogging about it
3. I want to introduce aspiring bloggers to the world of blogging

Take this for what it is, it’s a project. I only teach what I know.

About Blogology


2008 – Sara reads an interview with the Polish singer duo Blog 27, Googles what a blog is, and decides to start one. It’s called sharpayevansova.blog.cz and it’s supposed to be a fan blog for Ashley Tisdale, but ends up being about anything and everything.

2009 – Sara abandons her previous blog and starts a new one, hsm-ashley.blog.cz.

2009-2014 – Sara keeps creating and abandoning new blogs. In general, the idea behind them is the same, they are all about anything and everything.

2015 – Sara starts a new blog called LaVieEstBelleBySV.wordpress.com.

2017 – Sara upgrades to a different WordPress.com plan and the blog becomes LaVieEstBelleBySV.com

2018 – Sara finds out that LaVieEstBelleBySV is not the best name for a blog, considering it’s not written in French and starts a new blog, saraviktorie.com. It’s once again about fashion and it’s her most successful blog to date.

2019 – Sara starts her first niche blog called SaraViktorie.com. It’s a blog about fashion. The same year, SaraViktorie.com gained readership and Sara starts making a decent income from her blog. But then Sara realizes she doesn’t care about fashion anymore and starts an unsuccessful blog rebrand. Sara abandons her blog and starts researching blogging, so she can do everything the right way.

2020 – Sara starts Blogology.

As you can see, I’m really not an expert.

Where I can, I will provide you with my knowledge I’ve gained over the years by trial and error. Where I’m still lacking, I will recommend other resources.

Want to get in touch? Drop me a message!