Are you still struggling to pick a niche for your blog? Perhaps you’ve read my article on finding the right niche for your blog, and you still can’t figure out what to blog about.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Hey girl, this is nice, but I’m still lost.”

First, I want you to know that finding the right niche for your blog can take time. Starting a blog is a commitment, and you want to be very sure that the niche you’ve picked is the one you can stick with for the long run.

In today’s post, I’ll try to help you if you still can’t find a niche for your blog.

Before we begin, you need to identify why you can’t find a blog niche.

Is it because:

  1. You have too many interests and can’t pick the right one
  2. You have no interests
  3. You have an interest you’d like to write about but not an expertise

You need to identify your situation because my answer will be different for each of these options.

If you have too many interests:

1. You can start several blogs

You could start multiple blogs, each one about a different interest of yours. But I’m afraid it would be too overwhelming.

If you do go with this option, first focus on one blog and then start another one.

2. You can start a multi-niche blog

If you can combine your interests, you can start a multi-niche blog. You see, some niches go together better than other ones.

If you look at some of the lifestyle blogs, they feature niches such as how to make money online, healthy living, and traveling.

But if you wanted to start a blog on, for example, healthy living and ninja comix recommendations, it would probably be a random combo.

Having said that, I still recommend starting a niche blog.


For starters, with a niche blog, it’s going to be much easier for you to build an engaged audience interested in all your content. With a multi-niche blog, it might not always be the case.

3. Start submitting articles to Medium

In my opinion, this is the best option if you really struggle to pick a blog niche.

Medium is a platform where anyone can publish their articles.

You can create your own publication on a specific topic, you can submit articles to existing publications, or you can just publish articles regardless of a publication.

What I like about Medium the most is that you can write about virtually anything. You don’t need to stick to only one niche.

The best thing is that is you’re a part of the Medium Partner Program; you can earn money from your writing.

If you have a lot of interests or random thoughts, publish them on Medium until you figure out your niche.

On Medium, you might gain an audience who will also be interested in your blog once you start it.

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If you have no interests:

Everybody has interests. But not everyone has interests they’d like to write about. I have a few questions for you:

  • Do you have so many little interests that you don’t know which one is the main one?
  • Or do you genuinely feel like you don’t have any interests at all?

If it’s the first case, I suggest you do what I mentioned in the first part of this article. Specifically, create an account on Medium and publish posts on any topic you like.

Everyone has interests

If you feel like you don’t have any interests whatsoever, I guarantee you that you do. As I said, everybody has interests.

The good thing about blogging is that you can write literally about anything. I’ve seen people start blogs in the most random niches.

If you’re worried that your niche isn’t popular, it’s okay. Don’t start a blog in a niche with no competition, though.

That being said, it’s completely okay to start a blog in a low-competition niche. It might be easier for you to become an authority in that niche.


  • Write a list of your hobbies and everything you’re interested in. From making money online to care for domestic cats. It doesn’t matter how small those interests are.
  • Then narrow it down to the interests you’d enjoy writing about.
  • Write a list of blog post ideas for each topic without looking them up. The more the better. Aim for at least 20.
  • The one with most ideas is the winner.

Are you afraid you won’t be able to monetize your niche blog?

If you’re afraid that you won’t be able to monetize the niche, don’t worry. There’s always a way.

  • You can create courses or write ebooks
  • You can create any other products your audience would find helpful or would enjoy
  • You can offer consulting services
  • You can recommend third-party products through affiliate marketing
  • And, if your niche isn’t considered sensitive, you can always place ads on your blog
can't find a blog niche BLOGOLOGY

If you have interests but no expertise:

Perhaps you would love to start a blog on a blog niche you’re genuinely interested in, but the word “expertise” in all the articles you’ve read scared you off.

You don’t have to be an expert to start a blog

To be honest with you, I’m using the word “expertise” with caution.

I don’t think you have to be an expert to start a blog. Of course, there are few exceptions, but in general, you can blog about anything you want.

You just have to be upfront about your experience with your readers.

You see, I’m reading the other guides on how to find a blog niche, and I feel like a lot of them assume that everyone who wants to start a blog has a ton of experience in topics they want to write about.

If you’re a nutritionist and want to start a blog about healthy eating, do it!

But what if your only work experience is waiting tables and want to start a blog to make living something you enjoy, what are you supposed to do then?

I believe that anyone can start a blog, and I also believe that anyone can teach something. Everyone has their own unique life experience anyone can learn from. So, look beyond your work experience.

  • What has been some obstacle you had to overcome?
  • How did you overcome it?
  • Can someone learn from your experience?

I’m going to repeat myself, but you don’t have to be an expert.

Focus on your experience instead of expertise

Instead of focusing on your expertise, focus on your experience.

After all, even a few months are an experience ;). I mean it, there’s always someone who knows less than you and can learn from you.

You see, I’m not an expert at blogging. I started my first blog when I was 12, and you can imagine the amount of strategy that went into that blog ;).

Since then, I started multiple other blogs. The majority of them failed, but one of them started making money.

But considering what I achieved in those twelve years, and what other bloggers achieved in significantly shorter amounts of time, I’m still quite a newbie.

That’s why I only teach what I know because what I know might be helpful to someone who knows less than me.

My point is that you don’t have to know everything about your niche. You just have to know more than your audience and learn as you go.

I could be learning from all the blogging resources out there. But how do you learn to blog? By blogging, of course!

What to do if you don’t know enough about your niche?

If you feel like you don’t know enough about your niche, you have four options:

  1. Start a blog aimed at complete beginners and teach them what you know
  2. Document your journey of learning the topic
  3. Take some time to learn the subject, gain experience, and then start the blog
  4. Hire a content writer to write the content for you

Not all of these options might apply to you.

Just a quick note to the fourth option, you can be the figure behind the blog and have other people create the content. You can do all the marketing work, and eventually sell the blog. Even that’s an option.

But if you want to start a blog and run it by yourself, remember that no matter how much you know, you’ll always be an expert in someone’s eyes. As I said, you just need to know more than your readers.

Do you have a niche in mind, and are just secretly afraid to start the blog because of your lack of “expertise”?


If you still can’t find a niche for your blog, create an account on Medium and see what you enjoy writing about. Check out this article on how to start with Medium.

I think that finding out what you enjoy writing about is your best option. After I abandoned my previous blog and started Blogology, I spent a few months trying to decide what my next blog should be. I concluded that what I enjoy writing about is blogging itself.

Write down your thoughts and see if you can turn them into articles. Once you find a niche you enjoy the most, you can then start your own blog.

Just don’t spend too much time on picking your blog niche. You’re only stealing yourself from the time you could have already been running your blog.

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