So, you have this incredible idea for this amazing blog. You can’t wait to start building the blog. But there’s one thing holding you back. You can’t register your domain and buy web hosting because you don’t have a name for your blog.

How do I name my blog? The issue of many beginning bloggers.

In this post, I’ll tell you how to choose a blog name you won’t regret, what to consider when picking a blog name, some blog name do’s and don’ts, and what to do if all the good names are already taken.

Finding the perfect name can take time, so don’t rush the process.



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Is a blog name important?

The name of your blog isn’t the most important aspect of it. If you are starting a personal blog, the name probably isn’t that important.

However, if you’re planning on turning your blog into a brand one day, make sure to spend some time on this step.

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The consequences of picking the wrong blog name

Choosing the wrong name for your blog can have consequences in the future. After all, your blog name is also your domain name.

Unfortunately, there’s no way you can change your domain name. The only way you can “change” it is to purchase a new domain and migrate your blog there. Yes, that is possible.

  • Keep in mind that, essentially, you are starting anew and you most likely will lose your traffic. You’d have to redirect all your old links to your new domain.
  • None of the links to your blog you’ve shared would work.
  • All your backlinks (the links from other websites pointing to your blog) would work.
  • You’d have to change your social media handles. You’ll most likely be naming all your social media after your blog. If you change your domain name, you’ll also have to change all your handles.

Changing your name is doable, but it comes with consequences.

TIP: Pick your blog name after you’ve done some planning and know exactly what your blog is going to be about. I decided to start a blog, bought a domain, but before the launch, I decided to change the niche slightly and the name no longer reflected the topic.



How to choose a blog name

1. Write a list of niche-related words

My advice is to simply brainstorm.

Brainstorm words related to your niche. What are the best words that summarize your niche?

Brainstorm and write a list of niche-related words.

If you can, incorporate a keyword. What are some keywords you’d like to rank for? It can be a one-word keyword or an expression.

Came up with your list of words?


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2. Play with the words

How can you put a spin on those words? You can combine some of them or you can pick just one and play with it.

You can create a portmanteau. That’s a word that combines meanings of two words. You can, for example, take your niche word and combine it with a word that best expresses the purpose of your blog.

For example, Blogology is a portmanteau. It’s a combination of words “blog” and “-logy”. “Blog” is a regularly updated website with new content being published regularly. “-logy” is a suffix indicating that it’s a science. The main premise of Blogology is “the science of blogging” and “doing blogging the right way”.

Why do you want to start that blog? What is your long-term vision for your blog? Where do you see your blog in the upcoming years?

Who is your target audience? Who do you want to reach? Perhaps you can incorporate that in your blog name. What kind of name would be appealing to your target audience?

IMPORTANT: Come up with more than one idea for your blog name. You might find that the name you’ve chosen isn’t even available.


3. Check the availability

After you’ve come up with several ideas it’s time to check the availability of those domain names.

Go to sites such as Namecheap or GoDaddy and type in your domain name ideas.

Is at least one of them available? Congratulations! You’ve found your blog name!

Check the trademark registry as well. Especially if you’re using a general word for your blog name. You don’t want to have legal issues in the future.

Don’t forget to also check social media just in case the handles are already taken.



Things to consider when picking a blog name

1. Consider changes in the future

You want your blog name to reflect the topic of your blog in the long run.

For instance, I’d be wary of using locations in your blog name.

Let’s say you want to start a blog about traveling around Europe. What if, one day, you discover that Asia is also a beautiful continent. Such a shame you can’t write about it, right?

Unless you know for sure that you won’t be expanding to other locations in the future, I’d stay away from locations.


2. Consider your future goals

Will you be building a brand around your blog? Are you toying with the idea of selling your blog one day?

If so, then you don’t want to start a blog with your name as your blog name.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to build a personal brand and perhaps establish yourself as an expert in your niche, then using your name is a good idea.


3. Consider what your blog name is going to look like in the URL format

The name might look great when the words are written separately. But if you write them all together, they might create a not-so-nice combination.

Look at these examples I made up:

See what I mean?


how to choose a blog name BLOGOLOGY



Where to look for inspiration

1. Dictionaries

You can go through the dictionary to find words that best describe your blog.


2. Thesaurus

Use Thesaurus to find synonyms for the words you’ve come up with in case the domain name is already taken.


3. Other domain names, magazines, and newspapers

The next time you read a publication of some sort, it doesn’t matter if it’s online or not, pay attention to the name of the publication. You can create a similar name.


4. Books

Just reading, in general, can help you find words you can use in your blog name. Read books, magazines, websites, anything.



The do’s and don’ts of choosing a blog name

There are a few criteria to consider when picking a name for your blog.


1. Unique

Your blog name should be unique. You don’t want to be copying your competitors by choosing a similar name.


2. Short

You should pick a short blog name.


Well, for starters, short names are easier to remember.

The second reason is that you get the space of around 60 characters in the title in Google’s search results. If you choose a short blog name, chances are you’ll be able to display your whole post title, and your blog name as well.


3. Easy to spell

Of course, your blog name has to be easy to spell. You don’t want users to be misspelling your domain, and therefore having issues accessing your blog.


4. Easy to pronounce

This one isn’t as important as the other ones, but the name of your blog should be easy to pronounce.


5. Memorable

Of course, your blog name has to be memorable. As long as it’s short and easy to spell, it has great potential to be memorable.


6. Use the .com extension

Unless you’re creating your blog for an audience of a certain country, use the top-level domain – .com.
.com is the most popular domain name extension and it’s also the most memorable one.



1. No special characters

Don’t use any special characters in your domain name unless you have to. No hyphens or slashes, &s, @s, etc.

You can use hyphens if you really want to use a name but it creates a weird combination in the URL format.


2. Be wary of misspellings and “clever” names

Perhaps you want to use a fairly common word for your URL but it’s too general, and most likely already taken.

So, you thought that you might solve it by putting a spin on the name by removing a letter or using a different spelling.

This can be a clever way to create a unique blog name but be wary of it. If done right, you can create a great blog name this way. If not, it might result in a lot of misspellings.


3. Don’t use foreign languages

I’m not a fan of using foreign languages as blog names. One of my previous blogs was called

I had a few confused French people coming to my blog confused that the blog wasn’t written in French.


4. Don’t use brand names

If you know that there’s a brand that’s already using the name, don’t use the same name for your blog.



What to do when the good blog names are taken

You might have come up with several potential blog names, you’ve checked the availability, but all of them are either taken or premium domains that cost thousands of dollars, and you don’t want to invest that much into your blog when you’re just starting out.

You could use a different extension, but as I already explained, stick to .com if you can. Another viable option is .co extension.

According to Website Creative PRO, the .co extension is a good alternative for .com.

If you don’t want the .com extension, you’ll have to pick a different name.


Contact the owner

If you’ve checked the website, and it doesn’t have any content on it or if it’s been years since it’s been updated, you can try contacting the owner and see if they’d be interested in selling the domain.

Just keep in mind that the domain might already have some backlinks pointing to it.


Unrelated and made-up words

If everything fails, forget everything I told you about picking a relevant name to your niche. Just pick a random memorable word.

Do you know what Nike is? Or Google?

Well, of course, you do!

But do you know what those words mean?

Probably not.

And yet, they are short, memorable, and easy to spell.


Use prefixes and suffixes

You can use prefixes and suffixes to customize the meaning of your blog name. A great example of that is


Use additional words

When I was trying to come up with a name for this blog, I loved the name Blogology. A few people have used the word before.

For example, Blogology is a blog theme.

But I checked the trademark registry, and it wasn’t trademarked. The domain was available as well, but it was a premium domain and cost almost $7,000. And that’s how was born.


namecheap Blogology domains



If applicable, you can use abbreviations to customize your blog name.



Blog name generators

If everything else fails, you can turn to a blog name generator to help you with the process.



Panabee gives you suggestions for .com domains based on the keyword you’ve typed in. It will also tell you which ones are already taken, and which ones are available.

How to choose a blog name Panabee



In Nameboy, you can enter one or two keywords and it will generate domain names for you. They will show you which domains are available.


how to choose a blog name Nameboy


Domain wheel

Domain wheel will give you suggestions based on your keywords for domain extensions of all kinds.


how to choose a blog name Domain Wheel




Coming up with a name for your blog takes time. Don’t try to rush it.

Just grab a pen and paper and brainstorm. At some point, you’ll find the perfect blog name.

Make sure your blog name is short, memorable, and easy to spell, and you’ll be good to go.

What has been your main struggle when coming up with your blog name? Let me know!



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